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Henriette Valckx de Knegt

Henriette Valckx de Knegt, (1954), studied jewellery making and gold-silver smithing in Schoonhoven NL. After training she opened a studio/shop with her partner John Valckx in Heerenveen NL in 1977.

The Netherlands-France

In 2000 they made the decision to dedicate themselves to the art of gold smithing.  They left Friesland and settled in St. Bauzély in the south of France. Since then, Henriette’s work can be seen at international fairs, exhibitions and galleries.


Henriette prefers simple forms. She works with the material itself.  This is particularly evident in her jewellery but also in her utensils.  Henriette’s jewellery is sober, surprisingly simple and versatile. Predominant in Henriette’s work are smooth and flowing lines. Her “wall paintings” are objects of art in themselves. Due to the high content of silver and gold in her work, the natural oxides can change the shape and effect.

St. Bauzély

A large part, of Henriette’s work can be seen on this website but if you are near St. Bauzély, a visit to her studio is definitely worth a visit.