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Special work

Special work, John Valckx



John Valckx (1954-2009), inspiring life and work partner of Henriette Valckx-De Knegt deserves to be recognized. As interest in contemporary silver steadily declined from the end of the last century and fell sharply to a low point in the late 80’s, John and several silversmiths joined forces to reverse this trend by founding the Guild of Frisian Gold and Silversmiths in 1995. In 1997 John participated in the annual exhibition of “Masterpieces” with a specially designed item, a handmade fruit server. It slightly resembles a scythe. The server is quite different from traditional ones. It is not oval or round and has three curved sides of unequal lengths. The design is asymmetrical and has cut-outs in an attractive lace pattern. This piece stands out today as a fine example of a modern design of a contemporary silver utensil.

John later designed several other pieces such as an asparagus server and a slicer for wedding cakes. The photos (link) provide an accurate picture of his distinctive style. A style that is modern, timeless and practical.